v1 - MultiversX

Just earn it.

The collection

Waty has created a collection of 500 pixelated yetis called Waty on the MultiversX Blockchain. They are mint for free in several batches. Only whitelist have the right to mint, so Waty ensures the quality of its holders.


  • DAO Member

  • Passive income in $WATY

  • Get paid in $USDC/$EGLD for working

Why free ? What's your goal ?

Our selection process is clear : only real users and active users. The goal is to have solid groundwork of holders.

Indeed, the community is the essence of the project, so it is essential that it is united and invested. Within the Waty's community you'll find crypto expert, NFT enthusiasts but above all believers.

So if you want a Waty you will need to earn it. That's why we are free. For the first step of our roadmap we preferred users to invest time rather than money.

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